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About Us

Healthy, crunchy and delicious, with the perfect flavour choices to create your happy snack moment”.

Our Story

We produce a range of authentic, tasty & healthy snacks made exclusively with ethically sourced ingredients. Single-origin Cote d’Ivoire cashew nuts, cacao powder, coconut. As in most agriculture commodities-growing communities, women typically contribute a large portion of the work but receive an unfair economic return and own very few Agri-commodity farms themselves. We aimed to give women benefit and ownership over their work. Now, through our products, we enable those women to support their families and communities.
we strongly believe women should have financial independence. We set up a women’s cooperative for shelling cashews in the region of Bouake.   From Portsmouth I use the ingredient to make natural delicious premium heathy snacks to support our women cooperative.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to change the snacking world by increasing financial independence for women, because everyone deserves the best.
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